What to expect at an event with the Ghost Seekers Wales Team?

  • Introduction / Health & Safety Talk
  • Chance to investigate all accessible areas.
  • Participating in various experiments throughout the night.
  • The use of scientific equipment.
  • The chance to ask questions.
  • FREE Time to conduct your own investigations.
  • Lone Vigils for those who are brave enough.
  • Complimentary Snacks & Refreshments.


Do I have to pay the full balance when I book an event?

No, there is a deposit option to secure your space(s).


When is my remaining balance due?

All remaining balances are due in full 1 month prior to the event.


How do I pay my remaining balance?

Click the Events tab on our website and select the event you are attending. From there you will be able to choose the correct payment option in the drop down box.


I’m having trouble booking via the website, is there any other way of paying for an event?

Yes, if required we can provide you with our PayPal link or you can pay via bank transfer.


What if I don’t have PayPal?

You don’t need PayPal to book an event with us. You can go on PayPal as a guest or there are alternative methods of payment.


Can I pay on the night?

Unfortunately not as the venues require payment in advance.


When will I receive full details of the event?

Emails with all relevant information are sent 1 week prior to the event.


Will I receive tickets in the post?

All events are actually ticketless. Confirmation emails are your proof of booking.


Will there be a Medium at the event?

We do have Psychic Mediums on our team but they are not always readily available. Rest assured however, that you are in good hands. All team members are very experienced in the field and will happily guide you on the event.


Can you guarantee paranormal activity?

The answer to this is no. Ghosts were once living people just like us so they have feelings just like we do. They’re not performing monkeys. They do get fed up and sometimes don’t wish to interact.


Will I see a ghost?

There is no real answer to this question because we are all different and therefore experience things differently. You might see, hear, smell, sense or feel something but on the other hand, you may not experience anything at all. Spirits work in mysterious ways. Sometimes they affect the environment around us, changing the temperature and the lighting. Sometimes they put images in our minds. But always remember that the more open minded you are and the more you put into the night the more likely you will experience something but there are no guarantees.


What if I need to cancel my booking?

We require 14 days notice prior to an event for any cancellations made. Bookings cannot be sold on or transferred under any circumstances. Any unwanted spaces and / OR cancellations will be re-advertised by Ghost Seekers Wales. Guests may transfer to another event if they require but additional costs may apply.


Do you give refunds?

All deposits are non refundable as stated in our Terms & Conditions. Refunds are only given if Ghost Seekers Wales fail to provide the service promised.


Are there any age restrictions?

All guests must be 18 and over.


Are there sleeping arrangements?

Unfortunately no, most events are not sleepovers. On the rare occasion that we do organise a sleepover event we will inform all guests of the arrangements.


Do I need to take anything with me to an event?

You will need a torch due to events being conducted in pitch black surroundings. We also advise that you wear warm clothing and appropriate footwear. Guests are more than welcome to bring and use their own equipment if any.


What time do I need to arrive at an event?

We ask that all guests arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we can start on time but no earlier than 20 minutes before as we need time to set up. Times do vary depending on the venue. All information is sent via email 1 week prior to the event.

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