Paranormal Investigation Team In South Wales

A unique experience to suit all.

Bringing you paranormal events that focused on real investigation techniques.

Investigate haunted locations across the UK including abandoned buildings, castles, tunnels, jails and much more.

Take part in experiments and use ghost hunting equipment.

Open your mind and make contact with those in the world beyond as you join us in becoming a paranormal investigator for the night.

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Why choose Ghost Seekers Wales??

Ghost Seekers Wales are a paranormal investigation team in South Wales with several years experience in the field. Carrying out investigations at haunted locations throughout the UK, we provide a real life experience, offering affordable events that are safe and enjoyable. Using specialist equipment and scientific experiments. We pride ourselves for our passion, dedication and determination.

Interested in the paranormal ??

Come join Ghost Seekers Wales at one of our many haunted locations.

And prepare to be SCARED!!!!!